Legendary Apex Legends weapons easier to find after Care Package buff

Kraber in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have discovered that Legendary weapons now spawn more frequently following the implementation of a secret Care Package buff.

You’ll face intense competition from enemy players after hopping into a game of Apex Legends, and you can collect powerful weapons from Care Packages to boost your chances to come up victorious.

If you’re lucky, the Care Package will spawn a rare high-tier gun for you to collect. Now, Legendary weapons are significantly easier to find than before because of a Care Package buff in Apex Legends.

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Weapons like the Bocek Bow and Kraber are vaulted in Care Packages during Season 14. However, players have noticed that the Kraber has been spawning more frequently than it did before.

According to data miner Senos, Respawn Entertainment have increased the spawn rates of Care Package weapon to 25% in any given round. This appears to be a secret buff that wasn’t mentioned in any patch notes.

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These stats were discussed by Apex Legends players in the Apex Uncovered subreddit, and many in the thread reported that Care Packages have frequently provided them the Kraber and Boceck Bow.

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One of the commenters claimed that they had opened Care Packages to receive three Krabers and four Boceck bows. The Kraber previously had a spawn rate of 7%, so you’re more likely to find one now.

Since all four Care Package weapons have a 25% chance of dropping, there’s an equal chance of acquiring any of them. At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not Respawn Entertainment are planning to revert these changes.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment