Insane Apex Legends bug gives pro player “pay-to-win” iron sight in Season 14

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends r-99Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends bug gave pro player aceu “pay-to-win” iron sights on the R-99 in Season 14.

Apex Legends has many skins and cosmetics for weapons, with seasonal updates and Collection Events bringing more every season.

While not every skin alters the iron sights of a weapon, there are many in the game that are considered pay-to-win, as they make the iron sight much cleaner than the default.

Although Apex Legends Season 14 is yet to bring one of these “pay-to-win” skins, pro Apex player aceu discovered a crazy bug that gave him an unbelievably clean iron sight for the R-99.

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During his August 30 stream, aceu noticed that his R-99 looked different when aiming down his sights. While the player was already using a “pay-to-win” skin on the R-99, this bug made the iron sights even better.

The Twitch star said, “what the f**k?! Wait, the R99, they changed the iron sight. It’s more pay to win.”

As you can see in the video, the R-99’s iron sight essentially disappears, leaving just a clean dot for a reticle. This bug leaves loads of space for the pro to see the enemies he’s shooting at clearly, making it even “more pay-to-win,” as the pro puts it.

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After switching to his secondary and then back to the R-99, the iron sights return to normal, to which the NRG affiliate aceu reacts by saying “Nooooooo! I had the best bug in the world and now it’s un-bugged.”

It’s unclear why this bug appears, but clearly switching from the weapon causes the bug to disappear. Although it isn’t the greatest advantage and is only a small bug, Respawn will likely look into this and provide a fix.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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