How to get unlimited ammo in Apex Legends Firing Range

Hamza Khalid
Apex Legends firing range

There’s a clever trick that you can use to collect unlimited ammo for the weapon of your choice after hopping into the Apex Legends Firing Range.

The combat in Apex Legends games can get extremely competitive and intense, so it’s always better to familiarize yourself with each weapon and Legend’s capabilities in the battle royale’s Firing Range.

Testing weapons requires you to manually pick up all the attachments and ammo that you’re going to be using. However, there is a simple trick that you can use to get infinite ammo with any weapon in the Firing Range.

How to get unlimited ammo in Apex Legends Firing Range

Apex Legends Firing Range

Reddit user ‘Fiercefox2000’ highlighted this trick in the Apex Legends subreddit, and it requires you to play as Loba. By using her Ultimate ability at the right place and time, you’ll be able to get infinite ammo for the weapon of your choice.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select Loba and charge up her Ultimate
  2. Toss the Black Market Boutique Ultimate next to the Scouts of Action challenge
  3. Select the weapon you want through the Ultimate
  4. Quickly start the challenge

That’s all there is to it! If you timed these steps correctly then the weapon of your choice will appear floating in mid-air and you’ll gain unlimited ammo to use with it in the Apex Legends Firing Range.

Players have regularly expressed how frustrating it is to constantly worry about manually collecting ammo when testing out weapons in the Firing Range. This is why the Apex Legends community has been calling for changes to bring infinite ammo.

According to some recent leaks, the Apex Legends Firing Range will go through some changes soon, so it’s entirely possible that the developers could finally make infinite ammo a permanent thing then.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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