How to get Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops: Free viewership rewards

Liam Mackay
Apex Legends player fighting in Holiday Winter Express mode

To celebrate the Holidays, Apex Legends players can earn free cosmetics just by watching Twitch streams. Here’s how to earn all of the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops.

Alongside the Wintertide Collection Event and December’s Prime Gaming rewards bringing the Holiday-themed Candy Carnage Revenant skin, Apex Legends players can get even more free rewards over the festive season through Twitch Drops.

15 previously released Twitch Drop rewards return after Christmas, so here are all of the Holiday Twitch Drop rewards on offer and how to link your accounts to claim the free cosmetics.

How to get Apex Legends Twitch Drops

To claim the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drops, you’ll need to watch Apex Legends Twitch streams for at least three hours per day from December 26-30.

To ensure you’re claiming all of the rewards, you’ll have to connect your EA account to Twitch. Here’s everything you have to do:

  1. Make sure your Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation account is linked to your EA account.
  2. Head to to either sign in or create a Twitch account.
  3. Click Yes, link them to link your EA and Twitch accounts.
  4. Watch any eligible Apex Legends Twitch stream from December 26-30 to earn the free rewards (they’ll be marked as ‘Drops Enabled’).

All Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drop rewards

Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drop rewards

From Loading Screens to Weapon and Character skins, here are all of the Apex Legends Holiday Twitch Drop rewards and their requirements:

December 26th: 

  • 1 Hour: Noxlotl Loading Screen
  • 2 Hours: “Iced Out” Gun Charm
  • 3 Hours: “Aura of Vengeance” Revenant Character Skin

December 27th: 

  • 1 Hour: Kazama Loading Screen 
  • 2 Hours: “Winners Are Grinners” Holospray
  • 3 Hours: “Cult Classic” Devotion Weapon Skin

December 28th: 

  • 1 Hour: Zonotaida Loading Screen 
  • 2 Hours: “Giggle Guard” Gun Charm 
  • 3 Hours: “Ocean’s Spear” Bangalore Character Skin

December 29th: 

  • 1 Hour: Heiro Loading Screen 
  • 2 Hours: “I Am Beautiful” Holospray 
  • 3 Hours: “Tribal Glyph” RE-45 Weapon Skin

December 30th: 

  • 1 Hour: Iwamoto Loading Screen 
  • 2 Hours: “Packaged” Gun Charm 
  • 3 Hours: “Singularity” Bloodhound Character Skin

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment