How to avoid fall stuns in Apex Legends

Hamza Khalid

Apex Legends’ fall stun can ruin your momentum while dropping and put you at a disadvantage during battle. This simple trick can help you avoid this so that you can break the fall, and surprise your enemies.

When falling from a great height in Apex Legends, a stun will be applied to your Legend that will cause them to stop before hitting the ground. This feature keeps you from taking fall damage, but can leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

When the battle royale first came out in 2019, there was a trick to cancel the stun by meleeing the ground until Respawn removed it. Although you can’t make use of that technique anymore, there’s still a way to avoid fall stuns in Apex Legends.

How to avoid Apex Legends’ fall stun

In order to preserve your momentum, you can cancel the stun by using the melee attack to hit a wall or any other vertical surface on your way down. This will break your fall without stopping you in the air.

This technique is just as efficient as the one that players used in Season One before Respawn patched it up. Just kick in the air while you’re on your way down and you’ll get it done as soon as your melee makes contact with the surface.

Apex players have a knack for discovering cool new tricks while playing, and you can see this one in action in a clip from Reddit user Toyo0821.

Despite having the Season One mechanic removed, a few veteran players still attempt to punch the ground in the hopes that it will still get the job done. Apparently, a few players have had luck getting that technique to work even after the patch.

“The punch ground tech actually still works, although I’m unsure under what circumstances exactly,” one player noted. “Did it a few times in Oasis not being horizon but prolly only once out of every 50 tries. Still trying to figure out if it was something with angle or timing.”

Regardless of which method you use, keeping your momentum while falling from great heights can prove useful in surprising enemies, as well as keeping you moving. So it’s absolutely worth trying this trick in the midst of battle.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment