Game-breaking Apex Legends exploit turns Caustic completely bulletproof

Liam Mackay
Caustic in Apex Legends

While attempting to nerf Caustic in the Apex Legends Season 13 update, the devs have accidentally given Toxic Trapper mains a way to become completely bulletproof.

Apex Legends Season 13 is here, bringing huge nerfs to Valkyrie and introducing the brand-new Defensive Legend Newcastle. Even though Caustic has remained one of the least-picked Legends in Season 13, a powerful new exploit means he’s not to be underestimated.

Caustic can no longer hide inside his traps, which should be a considerable nerf to the Legend, but it’s actually given him the game-breaking ability to become completely bulletproof.

Caustic in Gas in Apex Legends

Caustic used to have the ability to hide inside his own traps, which was perfect for ambushing enemies for free kills. Respawn Entertainment have now nerfed this ability, making it so that his traps will be uninflated if he’s too close.

However, in fixing this exploit, they’ve unleashed another that’s much worse. As pointed out by YouTuber Skeptation, even though the trap isn’t inflated, it still has a full-size hitbox. This means that Caustic can sit inside a circle of uninflated traps and be completely bulletproof.

To make it worse, traps can’t be destroyed until they start inflating, so as long as Caustic is nearby, they’re indestructible.

But you probably shouldn’t try to replicate this glitch yourself, as Skeptation explained that because it’s an exploit, players who abuse it will probably get banned. But luckily, there are ways to defeat these bulletproof Toxic Trappers.

How to counter bulletproof Caustics in Apex Legends

Even though these Caustics can be bulletproof in Apex Legends Season 13, that doesn’t mean they’re completely invincible.

If a Caustic is hiding behind their deflated traps, players can get them out with Grenades, and even use a frag to “yeet him out of the spot.” Plus, a melee will also knock him away from the traps.

It remains to be seen just how game-breaking this new Caustic exploit will be, but at least there are a few ways to counter a player abusing this exploit.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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