Furious Apex Legends players want big changes made to ranked system

Andrew Highton
apex legends ranked badges

The Apex Legends Arenas ranking system is seen as flawed by frustrated players, and they want the AP win/loss system to be changed as it punishes gamers too harshly.

For players who want to test themselves against the world’s better Apex Legends players, Ranked playlists provide this competition and test. It makes every match truly mean something and intensifies each battle as every win and loss matters.

More skilled players will ascend the ranks to reach the upper echelons of Apex Legends and maybe become an Apex Predator.

However, lots of players feel the latter stages of Arena’s Ranked Leagues make promotion tough as losses will deduct a sizable portion of ranking points from players, and not reward enough for a win in Season 10.

apex legends ranked leagues

Apex Player and Reddit user SCRINDO has brought up the point that the Arenas ranking system is unbalanced and needs fixing.

They said: “Actually about to give up. Fix your sh*tty ranking system Apex. I can’t be going till sudden death and making 12 AP then losing the next game with terribly low-skill teammates and lose 84 AP. THAT’S 7 WINS TO REGAIN THAT!! The f*ck is the problem here, that’s more AP loss than battle royale.”

Based on the evidence provided by the player, it seems like there is a clear discrepancy that makes it much harder to gain points than it is to lose points.

One commenter provided an insight as to how Apex Legends’ Arenas ranking system actually works, and how points are actually distributed.

In response to the points system, they said: “TheGamingMerchant has a video that goes into depth of how ranked arenas worked with its system, it’s annoying and needs some changes.

“But the video can help show you how to get more AP and lose less, it’s to do with how your past 10 games have been. If you kill a player in higher skill than you and win, you get more AP, and if you get killed by a player with more skill than you then you lose less AP, to get higher Ranked lobbies you need a better KD in the previous 10 matches.”

It appears to be quite a detailed and intricate system, but many players will not be aware of the parameters of the point, as proved by the Reddit post.

Ranked play is a massive aspect of Apex Legends and a big part of the game’s appeal, with many gamers and big-name streamers moving over to Apex Legends. So it’s a curious case for Respawn, and we’ll have to wait and see how they react.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment