Frustrating Apex Legends bug lets you use weapons in Pathfinder’s boxing ring

Hamza Khalid
A new bug is in Pathfinder's boxing arena

The brand new Pathfinder Town Takeover boxing arena is being plagued by a game-breaking bug which is giving weapons to certain players, while forcing others to battle it out with only their fists.

The Fight Night update is behind us now, and Apex Legends received a plethora of new cosmetics, bug fixes, and quality-of-life updates through the Collection Event. A Town Takeover has also been added in the form of a new boxing arena.

This section lets you engage other players without the use of weapons. Instead, you’ll have to stick to fighting with your fists in a classic melee brawl. This is an interesting addition, but a new bug has been discovered that lets players use weapons inside the Pathfinder boxing ring.

Pathfinder's boxing arena

Twitter user ‘ikevander,’ posted a clip of this bug. They were playing inside of the arena, and were able to bypass the feature that prevents you from using weapons. The other players were still limited to brawling with their firsts when the user was not.

This goes against how the new Town Takeover is supposed to function, and the player doesn’t even know how this happened. They claimed that the weapon just spawned in their Legend’s hand while they were “trying to do a fake punch.”

It’s unclear how exactly players can take advantage of this exploit. It might have a specific technique that you need to perform, or it could happen completely at random. This makes it hard to tell how many players have been affected by the bug so far.

It’s possible that some Apex fans may find out how to make this glitch happen on command, and that could lead to a whole new set of problems. If this issue continues to plague the Pathfinder boxing ring, then Respawn might have to disable it altogether until they fix it.

Update 1/8/21: On January 7, Respawn Entertainment deployed a hotfix preventing players from bringing weapons to the ring, as well as fixing several other issues with The Pathfinder Town Takeover.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment