Crazy Apex Legends Revenant trick makes for a great Wraith counter

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends revenant totem wraith portal

Apex Legends players have found a crazy counter for Wraith when playing the Synthetic Nightmare, Revenant.

Apex Legends has a huge roster of Legends to choose from, but according to the pick rates, Wraith is always a dominant option among the player base.

Wraith’s kit is very strong, but what if one unsuspecting Legend could counter her Ultimate ability? Apex Legends players have found just that, as this simple Revenant trick will have Wraith players raging.

apex legends wraith portal

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel brought this Revenant trick to the Apex community’s attention via their recent post title: “Revenant can destroy Portals with his Totem.”

It’s pretty straightforward, Revenant is actually able to cancel out Wraith’s Portal by simply placing his Death Totem Ultimate ability directly onto the Wraith Ultimate. It’s as simple as that, but can be used in a variety of ways.

For example, Revenant can use this trick to stop enemy players from taking the portal to your location, which can prove very useful when trying to revive a teammate, heal up, or even escape a sticky situation.

This can be even more useful if you have a Wraith on the team that you can coordinate a play like this with.

This trick can also be used offensively, as you can prevent a team from being able to use the portal multiple times. This will either trap them in a situation they may have thought they could easily get out of or even split their team up to make a push easier.

Combining this with the Wraith tactic of kidnapping enemies with the portal and sending them to the rest of your team’s location could be extremely powerful.

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Players in the comments are pretty excited about this little Revenant trick, as it adds to his kit being suited towards countering other abilities, which his Tactical ability is already great for.

One comment even read: “Okay as a rev main ima do that now wow that is awesome!!”

For those that also don’t know, Loba’s Black Market Ultimate also works in a similar fashion, which one comment kindly pointed out: “Loba’s black market can do this too.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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