Clever Apex Legends ‘loadouts’ would make teaming with randoms easier

Connor Bennett
Crypto pointing a pistol in Apex Legends

An Apex Legends player has come up with a simple yet clever solution to make loot a bit easier for anyone who plays without a mic or with random teammates.

When Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends back in February of 2019, they changed the battle royale genre with the introduction of their ping system. 

The ping system, which allows players to do everything from alert teammates to danger, locate unique pieces of loot, and mark which part of the map they want to go to, has been followed by other games since too.

However, for some players, it’s not enough. They want more, especially when it comes to making life even easier in regards to picking up some loot if they play with uncommunicative randoms. 

Apex Legends ping sysemApex Legends’ ping system has been a bit revolutionary for battle royale players.

Well, one player, Zzephiris, might have a solution for that problem, and it’s actually pretty simple – being able to set a loadout of your two favorite weapons.

While that might sound a little bit like Call of Duty: Warzone, where you get a drop of fully kitted out weapons and equipment, don’t worry, it’s not. No, in Zzephiris’s idea, players would be able to set up their favorite weapons in a setting and then select that once a game starts.

When activated, this would then alert their teammates to the weapons that they’re looking for. This would remove the need for teammates to needlessly ping every weapon in the hope that their partner might want to pick that up. 

Now, it might seem like a bit of a niche change seeing as its aimed at people who play with randoms and don’t use a mic, but it is a quality of life fix that every player could ultimately use. 

Of course, the final say lies with Respawn and while they’ve stated before that they can’t use fan ideas for legends, they have been quite active in making life a little easier for players, so this could be something that is up their street.