Best movement tips & tricks every Apex Legends player should know

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends best movement guide

Apex Legends has a unique momentum-based movement that players love, from sliding downhills to bouncing off walls. Here’s a guide on all the movement techniques in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale.

Apex Legends has been regarded as one of the best battle royale games of all time by both players and gamers in general, receiving tremendous praise in the past and even in more recent times with IGN’s 2021 Apex Legends review.

In Apex Legends’ current state, movement is still essential to dominating lobbies and becoming a better player. For those interested in getting better at the mechanics of the game and gaining knowledge on how you can gain an advantage against your opponents, here’s a full guide on the best movement techniques in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends best movement tips & tricks

apex legends best movement tips and tricks

Slide jump

Although it may seem obvious to the more experienced player, slide jumping is still one of the most effective and under-used movement techniques that can really increase your speed in Apex Legends.

Slide jumping allows players to use the momentum from a slide and carry that through to a jump, covering even more distance in a shorter time. Players can also heal just before sliding. This is a vital technique for getting health back whilst also covering a lot more distance and can also be done on Octane’s Jump Pad or Horizon’s Gravity Lift.

This is done by pressing the jump button just as you reach the end of a slide. This is extremely useful for evading enemies and generally getting around the map faster. However, make sure you leave enough time between each slide jump to get a full side consistently.

Many console players who play Apex on the controller don’t take advantage of this trick as they usually have their button layout on default. The default button layout ultimately prevents players from aiming and keeping both thumbs on the analog sticks while jumping around and sliding.

For those really looking to improve on the controller, think about changing your button layout in a way that would allow you to jump and crouch without the need to let go of the analog sticks.

Wall jump

apex legends best movement wall jump

Wall jumping, or tapping is the movement technique in Apex Legends that allows players to spring off surfaces and change directions quickly.

This technique is beneficial for evading enemies and faking out opponents, making players think you are moving in one direction, then quickly wall jumping to go the opposite. The wall jump initially seems complicated, but with some practice, it is effortless.

Players will need to gain momentum by either sprint jumping or slide jumping into a wall at an angle, not head-on. Say you are running straight beside a wall, you will need to quickly jump, face the wall as you take off, and then jump again when in contact with the wall, quickly facing towards the desired direction after the second jump.

Timing is everything here. At the point in which you make contact with the wall, you must press the jump button again and quickly face the direction you want to travel. The best way to learn is in the Firing Range, as once you have the timing down, you will be able to execute the wall jump consistently.

Crouch spam

apex legends revenant crouching

Crouch spamming is a movement technique that will help you win more gunfights rather than increase your speed. The ability to crouch spam and stay on target, and hit your shots is essential to high-level play in Apex.

Most players will strafe during gunfights, which is still equally important, as moving side to side in an irregular pattern will definitely make your opponent miss some shots. However, adding crouch spam to your strafe will tremendously increase your ability to dodge bullets and stay alive, especially to players who go for headshots.

To do this movement, players will need to press the crouch button while strafing and shooting continuously. For controller players, this can again be made easier by biding your crouch to a button that will allow you to aim, for example, the right analog stick.

This movement is fairly easy. However, the hard part is maintaining your aim and focus while in the heat of a fight. Once again, the easiest way to practice this is in the Firing Range.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment