Best Apex Legends Season 12 Olympus landing spots

Hamza Khalid
Olympus in Apex Legends

The Olympus map made its return in Apex Legends Season 12, and the area has been reworked with brand-new POIs, so here are the best landing spots for you to visit.

Apex Legends Season 12 brought some notable changes to the returning Olympus map, including brand-new loot-filled POIs as well as moving the game’s high-tier loot bin to a new position.

The map has been reworked since its previous appearance in the game and it’s important to know which landing spots provide you with the best advantage in combat and contain the highest quality loot.

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Here are all the best Apex Legends Season 12 landing spots.

Best Apex Legends Olympus Landing spots

Hammond Labs

hammond labs apex legends

Hammonds Labs features less player traffic in Apex Legends Season 12 than it did before, so you can land there if you want a slower start without coming across too much intense competition.

The Labs themselves contain a ton of high-tier loot for you and your team to collect, so you can quickly gear up and take out opponents that you might encounter there as the match progresses.

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However, the circular layout of the outer hallway along the small room in the middle ensures that you’ll be able to trap any enemy players that walk in and kill them quickly in close-range combat.

The Icarus

The Icarus Apex Legends

This POI is located on the south end of the map, and while it has a larger flow of player traffic than Hammonds Labs, you can collect an impressive amount of high-tier loot after visiting the Bridge.

Once you enter Icarus, you’ll find the bodies of fallen scientists littering the floor with a Keycard next to them that you can collect to unlock the Bridge area which contains a great selection of weapons and gear.

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However, opening the Bridge will take a few moments, so be sure to watch out for enemy players who may show up to steal the keycard from you in order to collect all of that loot for themselves.

Bonsai Plaza

Bonsai Plaza Olympus

Bonsai Plaza is another great landing spot because it contains a plethora of high-tier weapons and loot in the Reverie Lounge area, and the tight corridors encourage fast-paced close-range combat.

However, if you’re trying to avoid getting into an intense gunfight and prefer to take out enemies from a distance, we recommend avoiding this place as it’s one of the most contested locations in Apex Legends Season 12.

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Rift Aftermath

Rift POI Apex Legends

The Rift Aftermath contains a decent amount of guns and loot, and we recommend landing here because of the huge floating energy ball in the middle of the area that lets you travel across the map.

It allows you to reposition yourself at the location of teleporters across the map, giving you a quick and convenient getaway from the POI after you’re done collecting all the loot that you need.

Orbital Cannon Test Site

Orbital Cannon on Olympus in Apex Legends Season 7.

Despite being far from the rest of the map, the Orbital Cannon POI is a great drop zone for players looking to get themselves a vehicle to travel across Olympus in Apex Legends Season 12.

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This area also has fewer players than areas like Bonzai Plaza and the Icarus, so you can land here and quickly gather whatever loot you can find before rotating to some of the other locations that we’ve mentioned.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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