Apex Legends update 1.79 patch notes: Knocked players jump fix

Apex Legends 1.79 update

Season 10 continues to iron out flaws in Apex Legends Season 10, and Respawn Entertainment’s new 1.79 update offers several fixes, and here are the patch notes.

Respawn Entertainment is always on the hunt for bugs and glitches in Apex Legends. They have already released multiple updates in Season 10 including the 1.77 update that included weapon tuning, and the 1.78 update that nerfed Seer.

Now, 1.79 has been released for Apex, and it offers a few neat fixes to improve the stability of the game whilst fixing a common issue concerning downed players in Season 10.

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apex legends seer character

Whilst this patch isn’t as significant as the 1.78 update, new patch notes are always greeted by the fans as it shows that the devs are working to make the game better.

The update’s changes were posted to Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter page, and they were laid out clearly.

Here are all the changes in the Apex Legends 1.79 update for Season 10:

  • Knocked players sometimes being able to jump
  • Steam “No price found” issue with Bangalore Edition
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

The update went live on August 30, so you should be able to hop on and this smaller update shouldn’t take long to install.

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The main take from this update is the ‘knocked players’ issue as the ability to jump whilst downed was enabling players to make themselves easier to revive for teammates.

With plenty of mileage on the clock for Apex Legends Season 10, we expect Respawn to keep working tirelessly on Apex and more updates and patch notes in the near future.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment