Apex Legends update 1.78 patch notes: Seer nerf goes live

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends 1.78 update patch notes seer nerf

After a minor delay, the Apex Legends Season 10 Legend Seer finally got a nerf in the 1.78 update patch notes.

Although the Seer nerf was originally planned earlier in the season, and there have been some rumors suggesting he was “omega-buffed” before Season 10’s release, the developers have finally released a new update.

The update doesn’t only fix various Season 10 bugs, but most importantly, the update also introduces a variety of nerfs for Recon Legend Seer.

Apex Legends update 1.78 patch notes Seer Nerf

Seer has dominated the pick rates for Season 10 ever since his release, becoming one of the strongest Recon Legends in the game. Not only was Seer’s Passive great, allowing him to detect enemy heartbeats from a pretty long range, but both his Tactical and Ultimate were extremely strong too.

His Tactical, Focus of Attention was arguably the main issue with Seer, as not only did it do damage to players, it also flashed their screen and revealed them for eight seconds, which is the longest reveal in the game.

Seer’s Ultimate was also powerful, having an unbelievably fast cool-down, allowing him to use his Ultimate for most fights constantly. However, in this new update, Seer’s kit has finally been nerfed.

Apex Legends update 1.78 patch notes: Seer nerf

Apex Legends update 1.78 patch notes Seer Nerf

Here are the full patch notes for update 1.78:

Seer Changes


  • Increased wait time between sensor spikes for full HP targets (1.25s to 1.75s)
  • Removed center circle elipses
  • Reduced range beyond 75m (blue spikes)
  • Reduced field of view


  • Increased detonation delay from 1.4s to 1.6s
  • Players hit are no longer damaged or flashed. Screen shake from being his is also reduced
  • Move slow added while holding tactical
  • Lowered volume on audio
  • Fixed tactical FX being visible in firing range when it’s not supposed to be


  • Increased cooldown from 90s to 120s
  • Lowered volume on audio


  • Fixed several error related with Seer
  • Adjusted volume of voice lines that play when Seer is chosen

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a problem caused by Climbatizer FX (“No existing effect for handle” error)
  • Fixed an issue with challenges (“Array index -1 is out of range”)
  • Fixed most instances of Legends “holding a grenade” when they have none in their inventory (Watson still suffers from this in some rare cases)
  • Fixed an error with using multiple greandes on explosive holds (a following update later today will cause explosive holds to spawn closed again)
  • Switch: Fixed Holospray display

The Seer changes seem pretty big on paper and could potentially balance the Legend with the rest of the roster. However, the real test to see the impact of these changes will be after some playtime.

Perhaps this update will bring Seer back in line regarding the pick rates as well, as it seemed like every team was running a Seer before this patch.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment