Apex Legends tease new weapon in the latest dev stream for Season 10

apex legends new weapon teased

Apex Legends Season 10 has been a success so far and it seems players have even more to look forward to in the future, as the devs tease a new weapon for an upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 10 has brought players loads of new content to indulge in, with a brand new battle pass, a huge update on World’s Edge, and of course, a new Legend, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is constantly growing.

Every new season the developers drop a video discussing all the new changes, showing gameplay, and talking about the work they have been doing. In the latest Devstream, players even got a tease about a future weapon.

apex legends caustic

Apex Legends Season 10 saw a new LMG enter the game, the Rampage, which players are enjoying, despite it being slightly on the stronger side of the weapon meta.

The Rampage offered a more long-range playstyle for LMG’s, with the Spitfire being put in the care package. In the previous season, we also saw the Bocek Bow, a Marksmen class weapon that remains strong even in the current version of the game.

With that being said, it would make sense if the next new weapon for Apex Legends was more close range, perhaps even a new Shotgun. The Shotgun class is yet to see a new weapon since launch, although there have been changes to Shotguns, like the Mastiff and Peacekeeper once being in the care package, perhaps it’s time for something new.

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Apex Legends new weapon

Dataminer GarretLeaks brought the teaser in the Devstream to the community’s attention with his latest YouTube video.

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Due to the recent Stock changes in Apex Legends, in Season 10’s Devstream, when the developers were hovering over a stock while discussing the changes, an unfamiliar weapon name appeared.

The weapon name that appeared was “MKA-00,” which is certainly not reminiscent of any weapon currently in the game. Garret goes on to say that this isn’t the first time this has happened in a Devstream, as Season 8’s Devstream actually teased the Marksmen class of weapons that wasn’t actually introduced until Season 9.

With some speculation, Garretleaks believes by the name MKA, this weapon could be based on a real shotgun that has the same acronym. The real MKA is a semi-automatic shotgun, which in-game, could be a shotgun with a tighter bullet spread meant for longer ranges.

As there is no official or confirmed information about this weapon, it’s best to take this as speculation.

However, as the letters “MKA” have a strong connection to real shotguns, it’s likely this weapon in Apex Legends will also mirror that.

For more, check out our article on when Season 11 of Apex Legends will start.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / GarretLeaks