Apex Legends Steam reviews take major dive ahead of Season 11

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends steam reviews

Recent findings from the Apex Legends community have revealed a drop in Steam reviews for Respawn’s battle royale, which isn’t the best sign ahead of Season 11.

Apex Legends has had a very successful Season 10 so far, with even more for players to get excited for as the Halloween event approaches.

Season 10 has probably been Apex Legends’ most successful season in terms of increasing the player base, with popular streamers like NICKMERCS shedding light on the game’s great ranked mode.

Recent server issues have really affected the game’s progress so much that player complaints have negatively impacted the Apex Legends Steam reviews.

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Apex Legends has previously been held in high regard for reviews, especially on Steam, as it has consistently had a “positive” review grade since its release.

However, this has declined in recent times, with more and more players giving the game bad reviews due to persistent server issues.

This has ultimately caused the Apex Legends Steam review grade to turn from “positive” to “mixed,” which really isn’t great for the game ahead of Season 11.

Severe Season 10 server issues have become damaging to the player experience ever since the Evolution Collection Event update, which was so bad for some that they couldn’t even get past the home screen.

Although the developers pushed some updates to fix these issues, players are still experiencing problems with servers, being kicked from games, and also experiencing odd audio bugs that result in the whole lobby losing audio in-game.

This is awful for those trying to grind ranked, as some are being kicked from games due to server issues and losing Ranked Points because of it without any compensation.

Hopefully, Respawn can fix these issues as soon as possible, as if the server issues continue, the Apex Legends Steam reviews could worsen. If you’re interested in more, here’s everything there is to know about Apex Legend Mobile.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Steam