Apex Legends Season 9 brings new option to report players for “smurfing”

Hamza Khalid
Report option for smurfing in Apex Legends Season 9

With Apex Legends Season 9 finally here, Respawn brought a ton of new content to the battle royale, including the option to report other players for ‘smurfing.’

The Apex Legends Legacy update has brought a plethora of exciting new additions like the new Legend Valkyriethe Arenathe Bocek Bow, and Infested Olympus, along with the return of World’s Edge.

Respawn Entertainment is also using the new update as an opportunity to crack down on cheaters. One of the new changes is a new function to report ‘smurfing’ in games, which will help them identify foul play.

Apex Legends Season 9 update

If you suspect a player of cheating in a match of Apex Legends, you can call out their offense by bringing up the “report” menu. This will give you various different options to choose from, including smurfing.

It’s likely that the true purpose of this feature isn’t to clamp down on smurfs, and is instead used to filter them, from full-blown cheaters. Other games also include the option to report others for smurfing, letting the devs investigate.

Respawn may have introduced this option because Apex players kept reporting suspected smurfs in their game with the ‘cheating’ option.

Apex Legends screen to Report Players

Having smurfing under a separate category from cheating might cause some controversy, as some players believe that the two should be treated as one and the same.

Other players believe that playing on different accounts isn’t a big deal, so it shouldn’t be prohibited. We don’t know for sure what action will be taken against accounts that have been reported for smurfing.

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