Apex Legends Season 12 Unshackled Event: End date, skins, Flashpoint LTM, & more

apex legends unshackled event

Apex Legends Season 12 will be getting a new thematic event called Unshackled. Here’s everything we know about it, including the start date, cosmetics, and LTM.

Apex Legends Season 12 brought a ton of new content for fans to enjoy, including a map update for Olympus and the new character Mad Maggie.

Although we are now coming to the end of Season 12, with Season 13 being teased, Respawn have released new information regarding a Thematic Event called Unshackled.

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Here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends Season 12 Unshackled event.

Apex Legends Unshackled Event dates

apex legends revenant unshackled skin

The Apex Legends Unshackled Event arrived in the battle royale for all platforms on April 19 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. The event will end on May 3.

The Unshackled Event will bring loads of new content for players, including the return of a popular LTM, new challenges, rewards, and skins.

Flashpoint LTM returns

With this new Unshackled Event, Respawn have also decided to bring back a popular LTM called Flashpoint. The LTM will be available upon release of the event and will be featured on Olympus.

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Here is the description of the mode from Respawn themselves:

“In Flashpoint, healing items are removed from the loot pool and replaced by ‘Flashpoint Zones’. These zones are large areas that heal all Legends inside them. If you’re looking to restore your health, you might have to fight for it!”

Flashpoint has been seen in the past and it offers an exciting way to play the battle royale, so it’s great to see it return.

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Apex Legends Unshackled Event skins

fuse pathfinder apex legends

Just like any new event, the Apex Legends Unshackled thematic Event will bring a variety of new skins and cosmetics for players to obtain.

This event brings 40 event-themed cosmetics, including Legendary skins for the following Legends:

  • Wraith – Quantum Collision
  • Crypto – Machine Language
  • Valkyrie – Slingshot
  • Pathfinder – Bad Bot

Individually, these skins cost 1,800 Apex Coins, which is around $20. Players can also opt to craft them with 2,400 Crafting Metals so long as they have enough.

There will also be Epic skins available for Legends, as well as new weapon skins, Banner Frames, and more. Players can also unlock the cosmetics through Unshackled Event Packs and bundles which are live in the “Special Offers” tab of the event page.

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Apex Legends Unshackled Event rewards

apex legends unshackled event reward trackers

This new Thematic Event will offer two reward trackers across the duration of the event. These Reward Trackers will give players a chance to get new rewards for free by completing weekly event challenges.

The two reward trackers will feature different rewards and be set on the following dates:

  • April 19 to April 26
    • Rewards include a unique Badge, Epic Charm, Epic Re-45 skin, and Epic Seer Skin.
  • April 26 to May 3
    • Rewards include a unique Badge, Rare Apex Pack, Epic Boxing Nessie Holospray, and Unshackled Pack.

That’s everything we know about the Apex Legends Unshackled Event. For more Apex Legends, you can also check out all the Heirlooms in the game and what they do.

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Source: EA blog

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment