Apex Legends dev announces major change for Red to Gold armor swapping

Zackerie Fairfax
apex legends red evo and gold armor

A simple but impactful change is coming to Apex Legends that allows player to swap from Red to Gold armor much faster.

Battle royales all have their own ways of lengthening the time to kill a player. Fortnite has shield potions, Warzone has armor plates, and Apex Legends has body shields.

However, Apex Legends’ armor system is a little more complex. Body shields of different colors allow players to take more damage before being knocked down. With each color, the rarity and value increase.

And when in the heat of battle, swapping weapons and body armor from eliminated opponents is crucial. Now, a major change is being made to lower the amount of time it takes to swap from Red Evo shields to Gold.

apex legends amount of shields

Apex Legends Red Evo to Gold armor swap buff

Red Evo Body Shields are seen as the best armor in the game. It’s obtained by dealing 750 damage to other players while wearing a purple Body Shield. It has 125 health which is the strongest Body Shield.

Gold Body Shields may not have the same amount of health, but they are very valuable. With 100 health, players also get the added bonus of syringes and shield recharges having double effectiveness.

Because of this, players will likely want to swap between Red Evo and Gold shields. The buff coming next patch allows players to swap from Red to Gold with a press of a button. Players will no longer have to hold down the swap button.

Players don’t normally have to hold the button when swapping from a lower-tier shield to a higher-tier shield. However, Apex Legends sees Red Evo shields as a higher tier than Gold. This puts Red and Gold on the same tier when it comes to swapping.


The Director of Communications at Respawn, Ryan Rigney, clarified this by stating The specific patch notes line is ‘Swapping from Red to a Gold Shield with more health no longer requires a long press.”

It remains to be seen how the community react to this change in swapping between Red Evo and Gold armor, but early signs seem to point towards it being a positive change overall in the eyes of the Apex Legends community, which was definitely not the case with the decision to remove tap-strafing.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment