Apex Legends pro shares powerful hidden Seer ability

Joseph Pascoulis
seer in apex legends

Apex Legends pro Christian ‘Nokokopuffs’ Feliciano has shared details on a hidden Seer ability that isn’t mentioned in the character description.

Since coming into the meta, Seer has become an extremely useful Legend in Apex Legends Season 13. With Season 14 on the horizon, it’s likely that the Recon Legend is going to continue to be a strong pick for teams.

Knowing all the best ways to use your Legend of choice can increase your performance greatly. Sometimes there are ways to use Legend abilities that aren’t mentioned in the character description.

With that being said, Apex Legends pro Nokokopuffs has revealed a hidden ability for Seer that isn’t even mentioned in the character description.

With Seer’s Passive ability, players are able to locate enemies with his heartbeat sensor, which shows a yellow indicator and audio of a heartbeat when Seer is looking in an enemy’s direction.

While this gives away an enemy’s location, players tend to use his Tactical ability to gain information about their health and shield.

However, this hidden Seer trick can save players from using their Tactical, as Nokokopuffs explains that the “heartbeat beats faster” when enemies are low on health. Therefore, “you don’t have to waste your Q (Tactical ability) to see if they’re low HP, you can just listen to the heartbeat.”

The ability description for the character does not explain that the heartbeat is faster when the enemy’s health is low and that when they are at full health the heartbeat is slower.

Hopefully, this useful tip increases your knowledge and gameplay with Seer. For more on Apex, make sure you check out everything we know about the Season 14 Legend Vantage.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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