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Apex Legends’ Seer has handy trick to make Ultimate stronger

Apex Legends’ Seer has been a popular selection in Season 10, and it turns out that a cool trick makes his Ultimate even more powerful.



apex legends seer

Seer has had a huge impact on Apex Legends Season 10 as the new character’s abilities, particularly his Ultimate, have made him quite a popular selection. Now, a player has found a clever way to make Seer’s Ultimate even more powerful.

Apex Legends is arguably as popular as it ever has been at the moment thanks to the launch of Season 10 and problems with Call of Duty: Warzone. Long-standing hacking and cheating issues with Activision’s battle royale have led to many people switching over to Apex Legends – even big-name streamers like NICKMERCS too.

Meaning Season 10 is a big one for Apex Legends, and it’s marked this by welcoming Seer into its ever-growing roster of Legends. His recon abilities make him the perfect character to scout out the opposition, and a new trick has made his potential even more terrifying.

seers using ability in apex legends

Thanks to Reddit user CartoonsandCoffee, Seer users have the opportunity to scan more of the environment thanks to an accurate throw.

They shared their neat trick to Reddit, and it showed how one precise launch of Seer’s Ultimate can lead to it nestling on top of a Cargo Bot.

Naturally, the advantage was immediately evident as the Cargo Bot went about its merry way, moving around the map, and allowing Seer’s info dome to reach even greater lengths to provide more data.

Seer’s Exhibit Ultimate can last up to 30 seconds if it is not destroyed, and this is ample time to sniff out any enemies in the vicinity.

Now, this is a very location-specific use of Seer’s Ultimate, and it will also require you to be very accurate with your throw.

However, if you’re maybe getting to the last few circles of the game, and Seer’s Ultimate is raring to go, then it’s absolutely a valid tactic to utilize.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment