Apex Legends players think something is “seriously wrong” with Legend Wraith

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends saviors wraith

Apex Legends players have noticed an issue with Wraith in Season 13 which is currently plaguing the gameplay experience.

Apart from an Xbox exploit earlier in the season that was causing servers to crash, Apex Legends Season 13 has been pretty smooth in terms of bugs and exploits.

Having said that, the game is constantly being updated, with the 13.1 patch on the horizon which is set to bring various changes such as a buff to Lifeline.

Updates to the live game often cause issues, and it seems some believe there is something wrong with Wraith in Season 13.

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wraith from apex legends

Apex Legends content creator Grrt put out a video on June 16 highlighting an issue that has been seen across the community. This issue seems to be with “no regs,” which is when the player’s bullets hit a target but don’t cause any damage.

Grrt has compiled these videos and complaints of players getting no regs and noticed that they all have one thing in common, that they all happen to involve Wraith.

In their recent video, Grrt says that Respawn must look into this issue, as it doesn’t seem to be a server problem, but rather a bug with Wraith.

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In his video, Grrt says “99% of these clips, the Legend getting no reg’ed is Wraith…there is literally something so wrong with her.”

It’s unclear what’s happening with the no regs, and while there has been an abundance of prediction errors in Apex Legends Season 13, the fact that so many are reporting the issue with Wraith suggests it could be related to the Legend.

Until Respawn comment on the issue, the community will be left in the dark, but hopefully, something is done about either the no reg issue or Wraith soon.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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