Apex Legends players notice strange new animations after update

Joseph Pascoulis
loba heirloom in apex legends season 14

Apex Legends players have noticed some strange new animations after the Season 14 Collection Event update.

Apex Legends players have finally been given a fresh new update in Season 14. The Beast of Prey Collection Event doesn’t just bring Loba’s Heirloom and 24 brand-new cosmetics, it also brought the Gun Run LTM, which is reminiscent of Call of Duty‘s Gun Game.

While players have been enjoying the new content, they have also noticed something strange and new with the update.

It seems the Apex Legends Season 14 Beast of Prey Collection Event update has also introduced some brand-new healing animations, which players picked up on very quickly.

The new animations weren’t mentioned in the event patch notes, but it’s clear that the healing animations for the Syringe, Medkit, Shield Cell, Shield Battery, and the Phoenix Kit have all been updated.

The new healing animations are slightly more detailed, and the healable items also cover less of the screen when being used.

It seems players are pretty happy with the new healing animations, with ex-pro player Nokokopuffs commenting on AlphaIntel’s post saying “tbh these are clean.”

It will take some time to get used to the new animations, but the good thing is that the animations haven’t changed the time it takes to use each of these healing items.

Players think that it could be a change that Respawn have made in order to show off the rumored and leaked Stickers, which players will apparently be able to place on healing items such as Shield Cells and Syringes.

Another comment under AlphaIntel’s tweet reads: “can’t wait to show off my legendary stickers on heals soon.”

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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