Apex Legends players angered by ‘anti-consumer’ Holo-Day bundles

Liam Mackay

Respawn is receiving backlash from the Apex Legends community for the way they are selling Holo-Day Bash cosmetics.

The Holo-Day Bash is Apex Legends’ Winter event, bringing back the Winter Express LTM and challenges, and new and returning cosmetics.

This year’s event offers different Winter-themed weapon and legend skins to purchase in the store. In the trailer for the Holo-Day Bash event, we could see legends using weapons that matched their new Winter-themed outfits.

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The problem arose when the packs launched and matching weapons were not included in the same bundle. So, to own an outfit and its corresponding weapon, players must purchase two bundles.

Community Backlash

Apex Legends News highlighted the issue on Twitter, which then picked up traction on Reddit.

Reddit user ImCalcium shared the Tweet saying “we shouldn’t stop talking about this.” This post has now gained over 23 thousand ‘upvotes’ and almost two thousand comments.

The top comments reference a statement made by Respawn Game Director Chad Grenier in a developer ‘Ask Me Anything’ on the Apex Legends subreddit.

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User Ender11 asked the developers, “what was wrong with last season’s pass? Was only slightly rolling back the battle pass actually a negotiation tactic like some people have said?”

In a severely ‘downvoted’ comment (1400 downvotes at the time of writing), Grenier defended the decision to make the Battle Pass tiers more difficult to earn. He urged players to keep in mind that “Respawn always has your interests in mind, so please assume positive intent!”

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“[I don’t know] man this positive intent is looking pretty negative to me,” said Reddit user Sabliek in response to the Holo-Day Bundles.

“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy the cosmetics if you want them,” said u/adoadeeday. “But maybe if everyone just fights the urge to buy them for a few weeks things might start trending the other way. They do this because they can.”

It’s clear that the Apex Legends players active on social media are unhappy, but Respawn hasn’t yet made a statement on the decision to separate matching cosmetics into different bundles.

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