Apex Legends player confuses foes by pretending to be MRVN easter egg

Hamza Khalid

The MRVN easter egg is one of the most popular secrets on Olympus, and now one Apex Legends player has found a way to use it to to bamboozle his enemies by disguising himself and acting as a decoy.

Olympus has garnered increasing popularity ever since Apex Legends Season 7 went live. The map’s layout is unique compared to the rocky terrains of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. It is also filled with a plethora of hidden things for you to uncover.

Respawn Entertainment added a few secrets to the map, and one of these is the de-activated MRVN robot unit. This can be found in the Maintenance area, and is completely destructible. Now one player has found a way to use this Easter egg to confuse enemies.

Apex Legends player uses MRVN robot to confuse enemies

Reddit user Kam1yo posted a clip in the Apex Legends subreddit where he was playing as Pathfinder. In this, he showed off a trick he used to disorient his opponents with the MRVN Easter egg, and the thread is filled with impressed commenters.

The player saw the deactivated MRVN unit and had a brilliant idea. Since Pathfinder is a robot of the same design, he decided to play as him and then stand in the place of the Easter egg as a disguise. His enemies ran past him while remaining completely oblivious.

He even tried his luck by taking a swing at a passing opponent, and then standing idle again. His enemy became momentarily confused, and then went on his merry way. This is a rather brilliant tactic that many other players will probably try to recreate in the future.

The easter egg was the first MRVN unit that we had seen other than Pathfinder. Up to this point, we only saw it as a fun little decorative piece that we can visit and destroy, but now a whole new opportunity has opened up for us to take advantage of.

This Reddit post has gained a massive popularity since it was posted. At the time of writing, it has around 8.3k upvotes and nearly 200 comments, so it’s likely that this clip has raised enough awareness of this tactic that players will be more careful around the disabled MRVN unit.

It goes to show that you can find new things if you’re creative in how you explore the map in Apex Legends. Some players have even found whole new strategic hiding spots on Olympus through their curiosity. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box about how you’ll play.

Next time you’re in the Maintenance area, be sure to take out the robot and try the decoy trick for yourself. It may not work all the time, but you’re guaranteed some fun and hilarious results when it actually does.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/ Flamey_13

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