Apex Legends November 14 update patch notes: Freezing glitch gone, Catalyst improvements, Seer fixes

Andrew Highton
catalyst in apex legends season 15

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse dropped lots of new content into the game, but also inadvertently tampered with other areas of the game. The Apex Legends November 14 update will undo some of these niggly issues, and we have the full patch notes to read.

The popularity of Apex Legends may have taken a slight dip thanks to the release of Modern Warfare 2, but nevertheless, Respawn’s Hero shooter is still a beloved game with a ton of momentum heading toward Season 16.

The Apex Legends Season 15 update brought with it the usual array of buffs and nerfs, a new Legend in Catalyst, but also some inconvenient bugs and problems as well.

The devs have already confirmed a remedy is on the way for an invisible walls glitch in the new Broken Moon map, but the new November 14 update also addresses some other complaints that users have had as well.

Apex Legends November 14 update freezing glitch solved

An infamous freezing glitch has been plaguing Apex Legends Season 15 that completely breaks the user’s game, forcing them to close it down altogether.

The worst part is that the cause of this has been completely unknown and random, meaning that games have been freezing at any given moment, causing fans to sweat a bit on the hunt for a dub.

Thankfully though, this should become a relic of the past as the Apex Legends November 14 update claims to have put an end to it once and for all.

Apex Legends November 14 update Catalyst improvements

Even though Catalyst has come in and shaken up the game’s pick rates, the Hero also has one or two lingering issues that have now been spotted by Respawn.

Catalyst’s audio when using an ability has been toned down so that enemy players can’t hear it as well as they could, and a couple of presentation faux pas have been taken care of too.

Apex Legends November 14 update Seer fixes

Another specific aspect of the November 14 update is Seer, with attention concentrated on the Recon character as the devs have looked at his inability to use Survey Beacons, which has now been fixed, and his “heartbeat sensor no longer goes through Catalyst’s Ult.”

Apex Legends November 14 update patch notes

  • Mark all replicator zones prompt is available in the dropship
  • Seer can use Survey Beacons again
  • Catalyst ability audio has been tweaked to be less noisy for those nearby 
  • The camera is now currently placed for victims of Catalyst’s finishers
  • Seer’s passive heartbeat sensor no longer goes through Catalyst’s ult
  • Onscreen effects now display correct VFX on Switch
  • Resolved a freeze affecting some players on Broken Moon and other maps

With the information on Apex Legends’ November 14 update wrapped up, let’s take a look at rumors that a Seer Heirloom is incoming, plus, everything we know about the Wintertide Collection Event.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment