Loba officially arrives in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

apex legends mobile loba

Loba from the PC and console versions of the game will officially arrive in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile, bringing her loot-focused kit to the hand-held battle royale.

Apex Legends Mobile has had a great start since launching in May 2022, releasing mobile-exclusive Legend Fade and various other exclusive features that those on PC and console wish they had.

With that being said, Respawn isn’t stopping there, as the Diamonds in the Snow event teased Loba’s arrival in Apex Legends Mobile. Now, Loba will officially be available to play upon Season 2’s arrival, so here’s everything you need to know about her.

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apex legends loba

Who is Loba in Apex Legends Mobile?

Loba is a Support Legend that was first introduced into Apex Legends on PC and console back in Season 5. Loba’s kit is based around supplying the player and their teammates with loot fast and effectively.

This Legend is extremely effective when it comes to getting the exact loadout you want in-game, as well as staying stocked up on ammo.

How to unlock Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba is currently locked but will be available to obtain once Season 2 drops on June 15, 2022. Having said that, players can check out her design, abilities, and more in-game, so if you’re interested, be sure to check her out.

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Loba's bracelet in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Mobile Loba abilities

Check out all of Loba’s abilities below for a better idea of the Legend:

  • Tactical:
    • Burglar’s Best Friend – Teleport to hard-to-reach places or escape trouble quickly by throwing your jump drive bracelet.
  • Passive:
    • Eye for Quality – Nearby Epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls. The range is the same as the Black Market Boutique.
  • Ultimate:
    • Black Market Boutique – Place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items.

Loba is a great choice for players who feel like they want more options over the loot they get, rather than leaving it up to RNG. She also has great movement potential with her teleporting bracelet Tactical ability, allowing you to reposition effectively.

If you’re new to Apex Legends Mobile, Loba is definitely a Legend worth trying out, as she’s been a solid pick in the HD game since her release.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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