Apex Legends Level Cap increase with Season 14 update

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends hunted level cap increase vantage

Players have been requesting a level increase for many seasons, and Apex Legends will finally be getting a Level Cap increase with the Season 14 update.

Apex Legends Season 14 is set to release with a bang, not only because a brand-new Legend is being introduced and some huge weapon changes are on the way, but also because the devs have revealed details surrounding a Level Cap increase.

This is something players have been requesting for many seasons, as many dedicated Apex players reached the max level some time ago, so let’s get into the details.

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apex legends season 14 legend vantage

Apex Legends Level Cap increase release date

Apex Legends will officially be getting a Level Cap increase as EA revealed new details about Season 14: Hunted.

As well as details on the season’s release date, new Legend Vantage, and Kings Canyon map changes, they have also called for players to “aim for staggering heights with the new Level Cap increase.”

This Level Cap increase will go live when the new season drops on August 9.

What will the Apex Legends Level Cap increase to?

The Apex Legends Level Cap in Season 14 will be 2000, but players will be leveling up to 500 and effectively prestiging four times in order to reach this max level.

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For those who have already reached level 500, there will be an extra 1500 levels for players to grind through. However, your badge will indicate the number of times you have reached level 500, as each time you prestige you gain a new badge color and design.

How many Apex Packs can players earn?

As there are more levels to grind, this also means that players will be able to gain more Apex Packs. The extra levels bring a total of 345 extra packs.

This means that players can earn a total of 544 packs from leveling up, which means that reaching the max level of 2000 will guarantee players an Heirloom.

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