Apex Legends Legacy skins, skybox changes, & Ranked Arenas

Joseph Pascoulis
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The Apex Legends community has discovered some interesting details from the latest Legacy gameplay trailer, such as upcoming skins, skybox changes, and some new information on the Arena mode.

Apart from revealing how the Arena will work, the new Legend Valkyrie, and smaller details like the Airdrop changes, further information has been discovered surrounding the skybox changes and when we can expect a ranked playlist for the Arena.

During the latest gameplay trailer, many in the community also pointed out the unreleased skins shown. Although players are used to seeing battle pass skins in the upcoming season trailers, perhaps these skins are actually associated with the new Arena mode.

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Apex Legends Legacy skins

Apex Legends Legacy skybox changes

Popular Apex Legends dataminer @Garretleaks recently put a video out on YouTube showcasing many hidden details in the gameplay trailer.

One of these details Garret noticed was the change in the skybox for both World’s Edge and Olympus, making a change in lighting for both maps.

This is not the first time we have seen a skybox and lighting change in a map for Apex Legends, as Season 8’s Kings Canyon also saw a change from the original skybox and lighting.

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In the trailer, a short clip is shown of Thermal Station on World’s Edge, which presents a much lighter, clear blue sky. World’s Edge previously had a clouded, stormy sky, but it seems the weather will be clearing up on planet Talos.

Towards the end of the trailer, where Valkyrie is introduced, we see a clip of her dangling off the side of the Hammond Labs chimney, presenting a new skybox.

Olympus was previously a bright, blue, cloudy day sky. However, this new trailer seems to show off a more starry evening sky, getting darker and darker as you reach the middle. The sky is full of stars, and although it isn’t as blue as before, the sides of the sky remain cloudy and light blue, while the center gains a new spacey feel to it.

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Ranked Arenas

During the past few weeks, with all the leaks and rumors surrounding the Arena, there was also potential for the new 3v3 mode to have a ranked playlist, according to some dataminers who found hints in the code.

Respawn has now confirmed this. However, a date for its arrival is yet to be decided. Respawn Entertainment told The Loadout during a press briefing that Arena’s will have a ranked playlist, but it will be coming in a later update.

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apex legends legacy skins

Although some may be disappointed, this is probably the best way to introduce the new mode, as at the end of the day, it also took a while for the battle royale to get Ranked Leagues in the first place.

Without a ranked playlist, it will allow everyone to get to know the mode properly, have some fun with it, and fully understand it before getting into competitive games.

Apex Legends Legacy skins

Lastly, the new gameplay trailer showed off a heap of new skins coming into the game during the Legacy season. However, these are believed to be Arena exclusive skins and not from the upcoming battle pass.

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The trailer showed off new skins for Octane, Wraith, Rampart, and more, with Octane’s yellow and black cat skin receiving the most attention.

Rampart’s skin also looks like it will suit nicely with the Bocek Bow’s legendary skin, as they both feature a similar look with white and orange accents.

Apex Legends Legacy skins

Since the trailer, many in the community were quick to point out that these skins will most likely be gained from the Arena, completing challenges to unlock them.

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However, we did get to see the level 100 battle pass Devotion skin that will be coming in the Legacy update and Valkyrie’s bundle skin that will all arrive May 4th when Legacy drops.

For more on Apex Legends Legacy, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the Legacy details for Ranked leagues and airdrop changes.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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