Apex Legends leak claims major Lifeline buffs arrive in update 13.1

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends lifeline

Apex Legends leaks are pointing towards major Lifeline buffs for the Season 13 mid-season update which could boost her popularity even further.

Despite no buffs and players assuming that Newcastle would blow Lifeline out of the water with his revive capabilities, Lifeline remains ahead of the Season 13 Legend when it comes to pick rates.

While this proves Lifeline is a popular Legend, the community has felt that she has needed some work for some time now, as the devs have taken a lot away from her kit since the game was released in 2019.

Thankfully, leaks suggest the devs are working on some buffs for Lifeline in the 13.1 update.

apex legends lifeline

For some time now the Apex Legends community has been calling for the devs to bring changes to Lifeline’s kit. After bringing buffs for Rampart and Crypto, it seems the devs will now be focussing on the Support Legend.

According to leakers AG420 and Osvaldatore, Lifeline will be getting some major buffs in the 13.1 update for Apex Legends Season 13.

This will be the mid-season update that is also supposed to be bringing a Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus.

As you can see, according to leaks Lifeline will be getting four major changes to her kit in the 13.1 Apex Legends update.

After these buffs, it looks like Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone will be much more powerful. The drone will now have an almost unlimited supply of health to give out, as well as a doubled reach radius.

This means that players can be more mobile while receiving health from the drone, and not have to worry about it not having enough to heal them fully. Further, Lifeline’s decreased Care Package cooldown time means she will be able to get and give the team better items earlier in the game.

Lastly, downed players will be able to opt-out of the Combat Revive animation, giving them a better chance of survival if enemies are shooting at them.

Of course, these are just leaks, and nothing is confirmed, so take these Lifeline buffs with a pinch of salt. For now, check out this creative fan-designed Movement Legend.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment