Apex Legends Monsters Within Event: Start date, skins, Shadow Royale, and new Arenas map

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends monsters within event

Respawn Entertainment has announced the Apex Legends Monsters Within Event, a brand new Halloween-themed event that will bring spooky cosmetics and a new Arenas map to the shooter. Here’s everything to know about this Apex Legends Monsters Within event.

Apex Legends Season 10 brought plenty of changes to the popular battle royale title, and the new Bloodhound Chronicle event has given players some more fun activities to do.

Now, fans are looking forward to the next big in-game event, and Respawn will be delivering just in time for the spooky season with the new Monsters Within Halloween-themed event.

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Here are all the details about the upcoming Apex legends Monsters Within Event, including the return of a fan-favorite LTM.

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Apex Legends Monsters Within event start date

Apex Legends Halloween skin

With the official announcement of the Apex Legends Monsters Within Event, Respawn has confirmed both a start and end date.

The new Halloween-themed event will start October 12 and culminate on November 2.

So, for those looking to get into the Halloween spirit, you’ll be able to join in on Apex Legends as early as 10 AM PST on October 12, as this is when the update will be dropping.

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New Arenas map: Encore

The Monsters Within event will be bringing a new Arenas map for players to battle search each other on. This new Arenas map is called Encore and is located on Boreas, the home planet of Seer.

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There is no doubt that Arenas players will be excited to test out their skills on a brand new map during the highly anticipated Apex Legends Monsters Within event.

Shadow Royale

The last week of this event features the return of fan-favorite Shadow Royale. Take part in a darker version of the Apex Games, overseen by Revenant with a horrifying twist.

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“All slain Legends respawn in a Shadow-Form to exact revenge and help their living squadmates. Shadow lives are infinite, and your squad’s not eliminated until the last living Legend falls,” according to the official description of the game mode.

Reward track

Players will also be able to complete challenges to get different rewards every week of the Apex Legends Monsters Within event, including Apex packs, an event pack, and a new Loba skin. 

Apex Legends Monsters within skins & cosmetics

Monsters Within Packs are new ways players can unlock exclusive cosmetics during the Monsters Within event.

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Respawn Entertainment will also be adding back some classic skins from previous Halloween events on the Apex Store, like Wraith’s “Mistress of Evil” and Crypto’s “Deadly Byte” skins, so players who are fans of these skins and have not yet been able to get them will no doubt be excited to add them to their collection during the Halloween-themed event.

That covers everything we know about the Apex Legends Monsters Within event. For more Apex Legends, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and check out how to check your stats in the Apex Legends stat tracker.

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Image Credits & Source: Respawn Entertainment / EA

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