Apex Legends exploit makes controller even stronger against mouse & keyboard

Hamza Khalid
L-Star in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community is upset about an exploit that they feel is giving controller players a serious competitive edge over mouse and keyboard users.

In Apex Legends matches, perfecting your aim will determine your chances of victory, and controller players can use the aim assist feature to ensure that their crosshairs land accurately on the enemies.

This feature has been extremely controversial as PC players feel that it makes things too easy on consoles. Now, an exploit is giving controller players an even bigger advantage during Apex Legends matches.

Professional player Will ‘TeQ’ Starck tweeted a clip of a controller user dominating their opponents with great ease. They stated that using a mouse and keyboard feels “pointless” at this point.

This led to a response from 100 Thieves player Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin who asked TeQ if the movement used by the Apex Legends player was being achieved through the use of Steam’s config feature.

Steam’s config lets controller players bind their movement to the WASD keys on a keyboard, allowing them to tap strafe with great ease. Essentially, it gives controller players the same movement as keyboard and mouse players.

As a result, they can make harder turns and use bunny hopping during battles. Combining this with the aim assist feature means that controller players can move around extremely quickly while accurately taking out enemies.

Aim assist was already a point of controversy among the Apex Legends community, and PC players feel that it has given controller users too much of an unfair competitive advantage in battles.

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