Apex Legends exploit drops care packages instantly

apex legends care package

It turns out that Apex Legends Season 10 has a nifty little exploit that can greatly speed up the arrival of care packages – thanks to Legend Crypto’s Surveillance Drone ability.

Anyone who’s played a game of Apex Legends will know how desperate and excruciating the wait for a care package can be.

Whether you’re in the first couple of minutes of the game or approaching the dramatic final few stages of the end-game, care packages can turn the tide in your favor. The only problem is that they can take anywhere between 35-55 seconds to drop.

However, a cool exploit has been found that will allow Crypto players to instantly drop them from the sky in Apex Legends Season 10.

apex legends crypto character looking off into space

The aptly-named Reddit user “Mayor-Of-Apex” is the person responsible for making this method public on the game’s subreddit.

In the video, we saw Crypto being controlled, and the player was operating one of Crypto’s main abilities – the Surveillance Drone.

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The method involved flying the drone all the way up to the care package that was slowly descending from the air above. They then trigger the care package as it’s falling, and it immediately plummeted to the ground.

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The user points out that the items inside can become slightly messed up, as a result, but it’s definitely worth taking the chance.

Another Reddit user pointed out another sneaky trick you could perform as it’s actually possible to glitch inside of the care package when it lands: “I’d hide inside it, wait for a squad to come loot it, and quip Crypto things about how I’m always watching.”

It’s highly likely that this is something Respawn will patch as it goes against the spirit of the game and offers unfair advantages to Crypto players.

Also, check out the new Apex Legends 1.79 update and patch notes.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment