Apex Legends drop new suicide prevention badge to help spread awareness

apex legends suicide prevention badge

The Apex Legends developers often use the game’s Badges to support various communities and spread awareness on social issues. The latest Badge to drop is concerning suicide prevention, highlighting mental health and hotlines people can use for help.

Apex Legends Season 10 has introduced lots of different content for players to obtain, from the latest Battle Pass rewards to the recent Monster Energy collaboration.

Respawn Entertainment often uses the game’s Badges to highlight certain social issues, with players receiving free Badges in the past to support Black Lives Matter, Stop Asian Hate, and the LGBTQ/Pride movements.

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In the latest badge of support, Respawn has decided to shed light on suicide prevention, bringing awareness to the hotlines that those in despair can find help through.

Apex Legends have been great supporters of a diverse community ever since the game was released. Not only do a lot of the games Legends represent minorities and communities that are often subject to prejudice, but the developers themselves are also active in spreading awareness.

The game’s Badge system allows players to show off different achievements and symbols on their Banner Frame, which other players can view when looking at their profile. Respawn has used this as a way to convey important social messages by giving players free Badges upon login.

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The latest of these is the “Suicide Awareness” Badge, which Respawn Entertainment developers have said was “heavily inspired by a semicolon,” a popularized icon in the suicide prevention community.

The semicolon reflects the idea that “the sentence does not end, it just continues,” a message for those who are contemplating taking their life to continue and never give up. This Badge definitely shows Respawns commitment to spreading awareness and tackling the issue of suicide across the globe.

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The subject is clearly important to the developers. They dropped a short video along with the Badge with some of those who work on the game discussing their relationship and connection to suicide prevention.

This is a great way, especially during the last year of COVID and countless lockdowns, to spread awareness about suicide prevention and the hotlines people can contact.

We are also in full support of suicide prevention and Respawn’s commitment to spreading awareness. If you or anyone around you is in danger, please contact Suicide.org for hotlines in your region.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment