Apex Legends devs respond to overpowered punching mechanic

Hamza Khalid
melee combat in Apex Legends

There are a variety of different ways for you to eliminate enemies in Apex Legends, including taking them on in melee fights, and now Respawn has responded to claims that the punches are overpowered. 

The Genesis Collection Event brought a ton of new content to Apex Legends Season 9, including Revenant’s Dead Man’s Curve heirloom. The update also added some meaningful buffs and nerfs to the game.

Now, players are already asking Respawn for another nerf, this time to the in-game punch mechanic. This is because many fans consider it to be overpowered in melee combat. Now, the devs have addressed this issue.

Wraith punching in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Producer, Josh Medina, responded to a Twitter clip showcasing a 1v1 battle against an enemy Wraith. In this, the opponent was able to land various damaging punches to the poster from a great distance.

Medina said that this seemed reminiscent of Tac Knife and the Commando perk from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This would increase melee distance, allowing players to hit you with a knife attack from long distances, and is not how the Apex Legends melee mechanic should be performing.

The developer then said, “I’ll see if anyone has looked into this.”

This is good news for players who are tired of getting hit by melee attacks coming from far away. Respawn Entertainment is investigating the issue, and we hope that they’ll issue a fix for this soon, as it has no doubt been something causing a great deal of frustration in the Apex Legends community.

Melee combat can be fun, but it should be so powerful that players prefer it over using weapons. Once the nerf is in place, the punching mechanic will feel more balanced.

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