Apex Legends devs respond to bizarre banner bug

Apex Legends characters posing

A strange bug with the animated banners in Apex Legends has been crashing the game, and Respawn Entertainment has reassured fans that they’re working on a hotfix.

Apex Legends players are no strangers to bizarre glitches that pop up in the battle royale title. These can have strange effects on their playthrough, including letting them shoot through walls.

One glitch that has been reported by players since September is within the Apex Legends banners. Various fans experienced pre-game crashes after equipping an Epic rarity banner.

Now, the devs have responded to this issue.

Apex Legends animated banner

Banners are animated cosmetics that Apex Legends players can equip before charging into battle. However, the Epic rarity ones seem to be preventing them from entering matches altogether.

The devs have been trying to fix this issue for a while, but the glitch still persists in the game. One fan on Twitter asked about the current status of the bug, and they were met with a response from the Community Director at Respawn, Ryan K. Rigney.

The player asked if a fix was coming anytime soon, and the developer reassured them that Respawn is currently working on one, but this bug is complicated to figure out.

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“Yeah it sucks, team’s on it. Just one of those things that’s 10X more complicated than you’d expect,” Rigney tweeted.


At the time of writing, it’s unclear why this particular glitch is so challenging to fix. It’s good to know that the developers are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

With Apex Legends Season 11 on its way, the developers probably have their hands with other issues like server issues that have affected the game’s progress so much that player complaints have negatively impacted the Steam reviews.

While players might have to wait a while longer to re-equip their Epic banners, it’s reassuring that Respawn is willing to respond to fan queries. Hopefully, we’ll see this problem resolved soon enough.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment