Apex Legends devs promise that Seer won’t be “overpowered”

Hamza Khalid
Seer in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Emergence will introduce a plethora of new content to the game, including the new Season 10 Legend, Seer. Now, the devs have addressed fears that the character will be overpowered.

There are various interesting changes arriving in Apex Legends in Season 10, which is scheduled to release on August 3. One of the biggest additions will be the new Legend Seer.

This new Legend will have some impressive abilities, but this has caused fans to worry that Seer will be overpowered in the game. Now, Respawn has addressed these concerns.

apex legends seer

Every time a new character is introduced in Apex Legends, there are some concerns about how they will perform in the game. Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein responded to the fears about Seer.

Seer’s Tactical ability lets him use swarms of nano-drones to bring down his enemies. This also allows him to interrupt his opponent’s use of healing items and revives while revealing their locations.

“One important detail that I think we don’t talk about enough yet is that Seer’s tactical is super high precision,” Klein wrote. “Bloodhound’s scan blankets an entire POI; Seer is much more like a sniper rifle (it’s a tunnel about big enough for one legend.)

“So actually hitting the thing is really hard and there’s play for the enemy to dodge (you get plenty of warning). If you DO get hit though, you’re revealed for a real long time.”

He also reassured fans that they don’t have to worry about Seer’s silencing abilities since it comes with a time limit. This will keep players from abusing this to make the game unfair for others.

“The silence lasts about a second or so. It’s meant to be an interrupt, not like a forever silence like Revenant,” he added. Respawn’s ‘JayBiebs’ Larson also reassured fans that they’ll keep an eye on his abilities.

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