Apex Legends devs confirm upcoming Seer nerf

Apex Legends 1.78 update patch notes seer nerf

After Apex Legends players called for major changes to Season 10’s Seer, a developer has confirmed he’ll be nerfed in an upcoming patch.

Apex Legends Season 10 is here, bringing a ton of content to EA’s battle royale phenomenon. The standout addition in each season is the new Legend, and Season 10’s, Seer, has quickly dominated the meta.

Seer gives his team a ton of information, so much that he’s rendered other tracker Legends Crypto and Bloodhound useless. Frustrated players have called for Seer to be nerfed, and a developer has confirmed the nerfs are inbound.

Apex Legends Sser

In a Season 10 developer AMA on August 6, fans took the chance to quiz the developers about Seer’s insane power. Responding to concerns, Seer’s designer, Travis Nordin confirmed that the Legend is “probably a bit too strong at the moment.” While no timeframe has been given, Nordin confirmed that Seer will be seeing a nerf in an “upcoming patch.”

Nordin explained that they wanted Seer to launch strong as other Legends have faded to obscurity once they were no longer new and exciting. Although they had “multiple playtests per week,” once Seer was out in the wild, it was clear he was too strong.

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“I wouldn’t expect a fundamental change to the kit,” continued Nordin. “I will say that the flash on hit ended up being way more than intended and we will be removing that aspect entirely from the ability.”

Respawn are also aiming to make it easier to differentiate between friendly and enemy Seer abilities, as the red tinting applied to the VFX can be hard to distinguish. However, they’re only “taking a look” to “see what can be done to help with that,” so there’s no guarantee.

One fan was concerned that they would have to wait until the midseason update to see the balance change. Nordin said: “Nope, it’ll be sooner than that.”

We’ll update you with all of the Seer changes once they have been applied. And for more Apex, check out how to fix the frustrating code 100 error.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment