Apex Legends devs confirm plans to fix frustrating infinite Heat Shield exploit

Hamza Khalid
Heat Shields in Apex Legends

A new Apex Legends exploit has been discovered by players, which allows them to infinitely use the brand new Heat Shield during a match, and Respawn plan to respond accordingly.

Respawn Entertainment brought some cool additions to Apex Legends in the Chaos Theory Collection Event, including a new survival item known as the Heat Shield. It protects you from getting hurt when you’re outside of the circle.

Players have been requesting this kind of item for a while, so it’s a welcome addition to the battle royale. However, some of them have discovered a way to maneuver the Heat Shield so that it can be infinitely reused.

Heat Shields exploit in Apex Legends

Several clips have been posted online which showcase this exploit, and it has gained a lot of traction among the Apex community.

One notable example came from Reddit user JJustin_144, who credited his brother for bringing this glitch to his attention. The comments were filled with fans speculating how this will affect the battle royale’s meta.

Respawn Entertainment have taken notice of this, and they have no plans to let this kind of bug remain in the game. The Apex Legends Game Director, Chad Grenier, revealed all the bug fixes coming in next major patch that is on March 15.

The list included a fix for the Heat Shield exploit, since many players have been using it to secure match victories unfairly. This means that the item has given players more flexibility than Respawn intended.

This can mess with the game’s meta, so it makes sense why the devs would want to respond as soon as possible. Recently, a bug with Loba’s jump drive was discovered as well, and they reassured fans that they’ll investigate it.

Hopefully, the Heat Shield exploit will get patched up soon. We’ll keep checking for updates on this situation, and will let you know when we learn something new.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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