Apex Legends dev shuts down rumors of major Valkryie nerf

Valkyrie Apex Legends

Valkyrie is an extremely capable Legend, but leaks claimed that she was set to receive a major nerf. Now, one of Apex Legends’ developers has shut down these rumors.

You have a wide selection of powerful characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and Valkyrie’s abilities are so impressive that she has been the most popular character in Season 13.

Respawn Entertainment even gave the Legend some nerfs in response to her effectiveness and leaks suggested that she would receive another one soon. However, it’s been confirmed that this isn’t the case.

valkyrie apex legends

A leaked image in the Apex Legends subreddit reportedly showed the balancing updates for Legends in the Season 14 update, including a few significant nerfs to make Valkyrie less powerful.

According to the leak, her Legend class would be changed from Recon to Assault, she wouldn’t be able to scan survey beacons, and her Skydiving ability would no longer scan enemies. The image also mentioned reduced fuel capacity for her VTOL Jets.

This came as bad news to fans of the flying Legend, but these rumors were quickly debunked by Reddit user ‘rspn_exgeniar’ who is Respawn’s live technical designer. The dev simply replied: “F12, Inspect, Edit.”

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Inspect element is a developer tool built into web browsers allowing users to play with HTML and CSS source code. The developer pointed out that someone used Inspect Element to write their own nerfs.

This will come as a relief to Valkyrie fans that were worried about the Legend becoming less effective after the update. Season 14 will introduce the new character Vantage and it remains to be seen what Legend balancing changes it will include.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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