Apex Legends dev responds to criticism of Pathfinder’s “temporary” Passive ability

Hamza Khalid
Pathfinder in Apex Legends

One of the Apex Legends developers has responded to criticism of Pathfinder’s “temporary” Passive ability and explained why the fan-favorite Legend hasn’t received a new one.

Every character in Apex Legends has a unique ability set that’s ideal for different situations, and the MRVN unit Pathfinder currently has a high pick rate of 9.1% because of his impressive mobility.

However, his Insider Knowledge passive ability has drawn criticism from the community, with many players calling for Respawn to add a new one. Now, the developers have responded to these complaints.

In a Reddit AMA, user ‘Moosemaster21’ stated that Pathfinder was given a temporary passive while a real one was “being brainstormed,” and asked the developers if they have come up with a new one for him.

Lead Game Designer Eric Canavese replied that Pathfinder is already “well-liked, powerful and performing well.” As a result, Respawn don’t want to “slap a new passive” on him and make him overpowered.


The Insider Knowledge Passive ability makes use of a survey beacon to reduce the cooldown time for Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun. This ability can also charge his Ultimate if you scan a survey beacon.

The dev explained that while the team is aware of players’ complaints, they want to “service other Legends or meta concerns.” This is why they currently feel that there’s no “immediate need” to give Pathfinder a new Passive.

While this news might be disappointing to some players, Canavese added that they’re “hopeful the future is friendly in upcoming seasons.” So, it’s possible the team could come up with a new Passive for Pathfinder at some point.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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