Apex Legends dev finally confirms fix for “embarrassing” Valkyrie Ultimate glitch

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Valkyrie, one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters, has a major glitch with her Ultimate ability that causes teams to become stuck. The game’s devs have seen it, and have issued a response to it.

Apex Legends’ momentum has carried on in Season 11 with the addition of the game’s newest character – Ash – and a new map – Storm Point.

Whilst lots of new content has come to the game, all the classic Legends remain, one of which is Valkyrie. She’s a Recon expert with a modified Jetpack that allows her to pull some useful abilities and plays during games, not least with her Skyward Dive Ultimate.

However, the ability seems to be slightly broken at the moment, and it’s garnered some attention from Respawn Entertainment.

valkyrie posing in the air in apex legends

Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive Ultimate allows herself to propel into the air and essentially act as a Jump Tower.

Not only that, but teammates can tether themselves to Valkyrie, and all users can fly up to the sky and make a significant move to another area of the map, or get the jump on other players.

Usually, it’s a great Ultimate, but Reddit user Brazenjasobian showed off a video showing why you should possibly reconsider using it anytime soon.

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After initiating it and heading up into the sky, the team of three reach their apex (no pun intended) and instead of being allowed to fly where they wanted, the characters remained stuck in their ascent animation and plummeted in a straight line back to the ground – to be killed with ease by another team.

This bug is quote notorious amongst the Apex Legends community, and one user said it’s caused by Revenant’s Ultimate. “You ran out of your Revenant Ultimate before reaching the top,” they explained. “This will always happen until they patch it. Seen it hundreds of times it feels like.”

It’s been in the game for some time, and one user said: “Kind of embarrassing this bug is still in the game after it was discovered like the first week of Season 9.”

Thankfully though, the clip was seen by a Respawn Live Technical Designer on the Reddit post, and they offered an update on the glitch. They said that “If I recall correctly, a fix is imminent.”

So it seems like Respawn has heard the players loud and clear, and Valkyrie players can look forward to doing Skyward Dives, glitch-free.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment