Apex Legends dev explains why they won’t add more ‘big’ legends

Hamza Khalid
Respawn won't add "bigger" characters in Apex Legends

Apex Legends developer Daniel Z Klein answered fan questions about Season 8 and explained why Respawn Entertainment won’t add any more “bigger” characters like Gibraltar and Caustic in the near future.

Apex Legends is popular because of the wide assortment of characters that it offers you to choose from. All of these come with their own unique abilities, which make them perfect for different combat situations.

Respawn have applied buffs and nerfs to fine-tune the Legends over the Seasons, and they even have a few planned for the upcoming Season 8. Caustic and Gibraltar have gotten upgrades to make them stronger, and that has led to fans wanting even more “bigger” Legends.

However, we won’t be seeing more changes like that in future updates, as the lead game designer explained to fans that Respawn will be shifting their focus elsewhere.

Caustic in Apex Legends

Respawn won’t add more ‘big’ characters in Apex Legends

The hype for Season 8 is enormous, so lead game designer Daniel Z Klein decided to answer fan queries in the Apex Legends subreddit. A few players touched upon the topic of hitboxes in their questions.

Some prefer that the same hitboxes should apply to each character since that would make it easier to land shots during combat. However, Klein made it clear that we won’t see a change like that anytime soon.

“Listen. If we were developing Apex today, I’d be like “EVERYONE IS ON THE SAME SET OF HITBOXES, MAKE IT WORK,” he said. “Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. You may have noticed we haven’t shipped another legend on a large hitbox; there’s a reason for that.”

He further elaborated on how difficult it would be to apply this change without changing the memorable appearances of certain characters. The decision to change how certain Legends look might’ve led to criticism, and he used Caustic and Gibraltar as examples to clarify his point.

“Unless we find a way to shrink Gibby and Caustic visually in a way that’s not super derpy without having to redo all their skins and animations (and probably do the same for our tiny legends), I don’t see us realistically moving to the same hitboxes for everyone, as preferable as that would be.”

While it’s undoubtedly disappointing to hear that we won’t see the addition of bigger legends along with a universal hitbox, it’s understandable why the developers aren’t making that their priority. It would fundamentally change how the battle royale works.

Plus, this helps Caustic and Gibraltar feel unique among the rest of the roster, so it’s for the best that we won’t see any more Legends like them. That said, we’ll probably see some brand new buffs for them in an upcoming update.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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