Apex Legends dev explains why there’s no new weapon in Season 14

apex legends caustic firing weapon

Ahead of the new season, the Apex Legends devs at Respawn Entertainment have commented on why Season 14 isn’t bringing a new weapon.

Apex Legends players are extremely excited for Season 14, not just because of the new Legend Vantage, who looks to bring a more Sniper-focused kit to the game, but also because a new season means a fresh reset.

A Level Cap increase, balance changes, and map updates to Kings Canyon mean that Season 14 will bring players new experiences. Unfortunately, the new season is not bringing a new weapon.

Rather, players are getting the Laser Sight attachment, but why have the devs decided not to introduce a new gun? Luckily, Respawn answered the queries at a Season 14 press event.

In response to a question regarding new weapons coming to Apex Legends, Respawn‘s Senior Game Designer Eric Canavese stated that the devs “serve what’s right and healthy for the game…I can’t talk about future plans, future weapons, or anything like that, but know that we’re always thinking about what’s right for the game.”

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It seems Respawn feel that the meta is currently healthy, and the current weapon roster is enough. Bringing a new weapon could disrupt the balance, affecting the game’s health.

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However, it does seem that there are “future weapons” in the works, as although no details were given, just the mention suggests there are new weapons being worked on, but it’s unclear when we will see these.

The devs are clearly dedicated to making the game “the best it can possibly be,” but players will have to wait for new weapons. Eric claims that new weapons “will happen at the time it needs to happen, and not just on a seasonal cadence.

Despite no weapons arriving in Apex Legends Season 14, there are plenty of balance changes coming to Apex, including some huge changes for the Wingman and Spitfire.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment