Apex Legends dev explains difficulty in buffing Revenant

Hamza Khalid
Revenant in Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans have demanded improvements to Revenant’s abilities for a while, and one of Respawn’s lead designers has explained why buffing the Legend is such a complicated task.

With Apex Legends now in Season 8 territory, there has been plenty of exciting new content added for fans to enjoy in the battle royale, including a new character named Fuse. However, some of the older Legends seem to have fallen by the wayside.

Revenant is a Legend that has found himself with some of the lowest pick rates in the new season. This is because of the issues that Apex fans have with his Silence tactical ability, which they consider to be weak.

This led to a response from Daniel Klein, Respawn’s lead game designer on Apex, who explained the difficulties behind buffing this Legend.

Revenant abilities in Apex Legends

Respawn recently held an AMA in the Apex Legends subreddit, and one fan brought up the weakness of Revenant’s tactical ability this season. Reddit user SystemBreaki23 suggested that the developers should give this ability a buff.

Klein then explained that they don’t want the abilities of Legends to become their primary damage dealers. He said, “Revenant’s tactical ability is pretty reliable and hittable, so probably not a great candidate for more damage,” he elaborated.

Another player agreed with Klein’s point, stating that Revenant’s tactical doesn’t need a buff, but the Legend still needs improvements in other areas. This led to another response from the dev.

“That’s what makes buffing him so hard; it’s clear he needs buffs,” Klein explained. “But it’s also equally clear that [his] tactical ability and ultimate shouldn’t be straight up buffed.”

Daniel Klein response on Reddit about Rev buff

It’s clear that buffing Revenant’s tactical to do more damage isn’t a priority for Respawn at this time. Instead, they could focus on improving his Passive or his climbing abilities so that he is able to get around the map more easily.

The developers have also said before that they would alter his hitbox to make it harder for his opponents to hit him. Ultimately, there are plenty of other areas in Revenant’s playstyle where they can focus their efforts.

So far, it’s unclear what route Respawn Entertainment will go when adding improvements to this Legend, since the wrong changes can ruin his playability. Once they announce anything new, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Reddit

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