Apex Legends dev drops hotfix to address Fight Night Ring glitches

Liam Mackay

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment dropped an update late on January 7 that fixed several issues with Pathfinder’s Town Takeover and removed the exploit that allowed players to use their guns while inside the Fight Night Ring.

To ring in the New Year, Apex Legends launched the Fight Night Collection Event. This event brought a new LTM, new cosmetics to unlock, and various balance and quality-of-life updates. On top of these updates, Respawn Entertainment added Pathfinder’s Boxing Ring for players to fist-fight in.

Players can go to new The Pathfinder Town Takeover and duke it out in the boxing ring to come away with high-tier loot. You’re not allowed to bring any weapons into the ring, and you must leave before being able to use the loot you acquired inside. The sides of the ring also have a forcefield stopping any bullets or explosives from hitting the players inside.

The ring didn’t work as intended, however, with players using an exploit that allowed them to bring weapons inside the ring. This was an incredibly frustrating bug, as the honest players looking for a bout of fisticuffs were mowed down by assault rifles.

players boxing in Apex Legends Fight Night Ring

Respawn Entertainment were quick to address this bug, where they issued a fix late on January 7.

Fight Night Event Exploit Fixed

The official Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted: “We’ve deployed a backend fix for several Pathfinder Town Takeover related issues, including an exploit that allowed players to use their guns while inside the Fight Night Ring, as well as several other errors.”

“We wanna see clean fights only from here on out,” they concluded.

Apex Legends players reported crashing while inside the new location, so this hotfix also addressed that.

The Fight Night Collection event will end on Tuesday, January 19 so make sure you unlock all of your desired cosmetics before then.

Image Credits: EA

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