Apex Legends dev confirms major fixes for Loba’s bracelet in Season 9

Hamza Khalid
Loba's bracelet in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have been working on a fix for Loba and her bracelet in Apex Legends, and one of the developers has confirmed some major changes for both in Season 9.

The Apex Legends roster consists of a wide variety of colorful characters that come with their own sets of unique abilities. Loba is a support Legend whose tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend lets you teleport to higher places or through obstacles.

However, players have had their share of complaints about how the ability has worked for several seasons, and this has caught the attention of Respawn Entertainment. Now, they’ve assured fans that there is a fix planned for Season 9.

Loba in Apex Legends

Lead game designer Daniel Klein addressed the complaints players have against Loba’s broken jump drive in the Apex Legends subreddit. Fans pointed out that she is the only Legend that hasn’t been fixed since launch.

The developer reassured fans that Respawn will focus on improving her in the next major update. “Loba’s getting a lot of love for her tactical hopefully in Season 9,” Klein said. “We’re talking both bug fixes and QoL changes.”

Respawn have been playtesting the Legend in the dev build of the game, and they’ve apparently seen a lot of promise.

Respawn respond to Loba jump drive

“After 10 hours or so of playing the new version I’ve seen the tactical fail maybe once where it shouldn’t have,” Klein said, reassuring fans that there won’t be a repeat of her Season 8 failures.

He made it clear that the differences are “night and day,” and these sound like the exact kind of changes that fans have been asking for since launch.

We’ll keep checking for any further updates regarding this, and will inform of you anything new that we learn.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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