Apex Legends dev confirms hints at new weapons over popular Titanfall 2 SMG

apex legends titanfall 2

A Respawn Entertainment dev has hinted at some exciting weapons coming in the future for Apex Legends but shut down any rumors of the Titanfall 2 C.A.R. SMG returning.

It’s no secret that Apex Legends is a spiritual sequel to Titanfall 2 as it’s set in the same universe and shares many of the same traits. This has led to repeated speculation regarding a potential crossover of Titanfall content in Apex Legends.

This idea has sadly been dismissed with one of the game’s devs saying, “Haha sorry nothing planned in the immediate future.” He didn’t dismiss the idea entirely – leaving it up in the air for the future – but he was keen on some new weapons the team is working on.

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titanfall 2 car smg

The C.A.R. news will be a bit of a kicker for fans who were hoping to see it make an appearance in the near future. Daniel Zenon Klein is the Lead Game Designer for Respawn and after he had to break the hearts of C.A.R. fans, he did say: “There sure are some CAR fans here at Respawn as well though.”

It’s not a certainty that the weapon will return, but given that it’s still loved internally, there still may be hope.

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New weapons coming to Apex Legends

We can definitely expect to see some exciting new weapons coming to Apex Legends at some point. Daniel said, “You know it’s a good sign when the playtest is over and you wished it wasn’t. We’ve got some amazing stuff cooking.”

He also elaborated further; “I think you’ll like what the weapons team is making. Some very cool stuff.” The only slight caveat is that these new toys won’t be available for some time.

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Daniel clarified the timeframe they look at when playtesting new stuff for Apex Legends. He explained, “We are currently playtesting things that won’t ship until Season 13/14. So, uh, more than 2 seasons. Gamedev takes a LOT of time.”


It’s positive that Respawn has plenty of content backed up to bring to Apex, and this should be welcome news for fans of the game.

Apex Legends players can still enjoy Season 8 in the meantime and find out how to best master Fuse and the best landing spots.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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