Apex Legends devs respond to 20Hz tickrate server issues

Hamza Khalid
Apex Legends devs respond to server complaints

Apex Legends runs on 20Hz servers, and players have been asking the developers to upgrade this for a while. Now, Respawn have explained why fans shouldn’t expect a major change in the near future.

Respawn Entertainment often listen to player feedback and complaints, especially when dealing with bugs. They then issue patches that contain bug fixes, and add new content that fans have been demanding.

Players have been asking the devs to change the 20Hz servers to 30-60Hz ones that are used by other online shooters. They believe that this will lead to smoother gameplay, but Respawn have explained why they won’t be making that jump soon.

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Apex Legends roster

The Apex Legends developers posted a deep dive titled “What makes Apex tick” on their website. In this, the game’s lead engineer talked about common online issues, their causes, and how they address them.

It also references the players asking for the battle royale’s servers to be upgraded to 30-60Hz. The reason fans want this is because it may result in a smoother frame-rate, but the devs argue that it wouldn’t make much of a difference.

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“The tickrate of a server is the number of simulations that the server runs per second,” Respawn explained. “This mostly means that at the end of every tick, the server saves the world state and replicates it to all clients. This includes a lot of information that allows our weapon, map, and Legends’ design to be of the highest fidelity. ”

Octane in the Apex Legends trailer

Most games don’t “compute full world states on each tick,” but Apex does so that it can complete more processes. Not only that, but having a higher Hz would increase bandwidth costs, and that could cause issues for players too.

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So, it seems that the devs plan to stick with 20Hz servers for the foreseeable future, and will instead focus on solving problems that lead to problematic servers, and other technical issues like game-breaking bugs.

With Apex Legends Season 9 on the horizon, we expect plenty of new content to arrive in the battle royale.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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