Apex Legends 2.00 patch notes: Loba bracelet fix, Wraith hit-reg issues, more

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Respawn Entertainment have released a new 2.00 patch for Apex Legends on July 13, bringing a variety of much-needed fixes for issues like Loba’s bracelet not working.

Apex Legends Season 13 has unfortunately taken a dip in popularity as of recent, this isn’t just because of the rise in viewership for its competitors, but also because players have become fed up with the bugs and issues that have been plaguing the experience.

Luckily, a brand-new patch has arrived for Apex, which promises to bring fixes for some of the game’s biggest issues, including Wraith’s hit-reg bug.

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apex legends loba

Apex Legends Loba bracelet fix

Loba mains have been extremely unhappy with the way in which their character has been performing in Apex Legends, reporting a bug that causes her teleporting Tactical ability to not work.

This has been an issue with the Legend for many seasons now, with fans in the 2022 ALGS Championship crowd even asking for a fix, but it seems the devs are claiming that the July 13 patch has resolved the problems.

Wraith hit-reg fix

Apex Legends Season 13 saw a new bug that players began noticing with Wraith. The bug caused hit registration issues, leaving players absolutely baffled when they put a whole mag into Wraith but did no damage.

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This has been plaguing the game for a while now, but the July 13 patch promises that it has been fixed, as it seems the bug would occur “at certain points when using her abilities.”

wraith from apex legends

Apex Legends 2.00 July 13 patch notes

Here are all the rest of the changes in the Apex Legends July 13 patch:

  • Improve various issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality
  • Resolve Loba’s tactical failing without reason
  • Resolve issues with Wraith not receiving damage at certain points when using her abilities
  • Resolve loss of functionality when using a Replicator
  • A variety of other fixes

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment